Our Books

The Ancient Pathways Publishing publishes the below books. They are available in paperback, eBook, and audio. You can purchase our books by clicking on the images or titles, and they can be found on Amazon, Google Play, Koorong and other online book retailers.

To The Young Believer : Beginning in the Spirit

To the Young Believer is not your average handbook for the new Christian. Written from the viewpoint of ‘If I knew then what I know now’, Donna introduces simple and practical ways to know the Lord in spirit, not just through head knowledge and good works. She comes alongside the new Christian, nurturing them towards a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus that will leave them longing to know Him more. As the reader, you are invited to take a spiritual journey into the innermost part of you, where Jesus Christ now lives and dwells with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. To really know Jesus, begin your new Christian life in the perfect place of your own spirit.

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON & GOOGLE PLAY AUDIO. FREE PDF version through Donna’s website here.

Food for the Table: Christ Our Real Food

(A Book of Blogs)Who doesn’t enjoy sitting around the table feasting with friends we love, where all are on the same journey? Some of the best of Donna’s blogs from drawingfromthewell.org have been collected and restructured to serve up fresh insights into Christ as a culinary delight to the body of Christ.

Best served as a shared meal, all you need to do is come and dine!

A GREAT GIFT for those who prefer to graze.



Now Available!

Wanted: Workers for the Work of God – Prepare to be Sent:

A Renewed Call for Apostolic Ministry

God had the perfect plan in place from the beginning. He didn’t make any mistakes. He set in place His ways and means to accomplish His purpose.

Wanted; Workers for the Work of God not only investigates but brings to the forefront the ways and means God set out from the beginning for establishing and experiencing His eternal plan and its fulfilment.



Now Available!

To the New Creation: Living Out Our New Identity

Written with the intention to unlock the believer’s sight to their true identity in Christ, Donna details the glorious reality belonging to every believer and the role of faith in living the ascendant life with Christ as a new creation, NOW.

Discover who you are as Christ’s perfect counterpart, and prepare to rule and reign with Him in this life, just as you have been called.