#005 Podcast – Three Years Later – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Three Years Later – the continuation of our last episode. In this episode we continue our free flowing conversation touching more on such topics as learning Christ, what revelation is and does, the nature of the Godhead, the Eternal Purpose of God and even spiritual gifts! There’s a little interview and sharing of personal testimonies relating to our own walk in discovering Christ, experiencing Him in His corporate expression and how that looks practically. Again, the recording quality is not to the standard we would prefer due to the fact that we didn’t expect the recording to become a podcast episode. However, we do hope that the content blesses our listeners.

4 thoughts on “#005 Podcast – Three Years Later – Part 2”

  1. Hello Derek and Donna. Greetings to you both in Jesus’s name.

    Angie and I have been greatly enjoying listening to all of The Ancient Pathways episodes this morning. What a tremendous blessing this podcast is!

    I love how through your casual unscripted conversations, in such an effortlessly organic way, Christ is given so much living expression; revealing deeper and fuller truths than could ever be obtained in a seminary classroom with the greatest of

    This podcast-gratefully-doesn’t resemble a traditional ministry at all. It’s more like two people on a fun but romantic date, filled with love and laughter. Only you’re both loving on Christ and each other in Him, as His bride. That threefold cord that is not easily broken is quite discernible.

    We so love and appreciate you both in Him.

    1. Goodness, you guys! You don’t know what your encouragement means to us! How confirming and affirming the Lord is through you! We thank and love you both from the bottom of our hearts! Every blessing is yours in Christ Jesus. Xxx

  2. Great podcast guys,
    So good that God is speaking to you through these podcasts again.
    I love how you reveal God’s truths in such a relaxed and casual way. They are very easy to listen to and understand.
    Much love,

    1. Thanks so much sister! Appreciate you taking the time to listen and to encourage us. Much love to you always xx

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