COMING SOON – A FREE Gift for the Body of Christ

Hi everyone!

We are excited to announce that in early September 2021, we will be releasing Donna’s new eBook entitled To the Young Believer, as a FREE gift to you all!

To the Young Believer, is written to new Christians. The purpose of the book is to help newborn believers come to know the Lord Jesus Christ deeply, right from the beginning of their Christian journey. We believe it will benefit readers of any age because of its simplicity in language and the analogies drawn upon to reveal spiritual truths.

The book offers support for the young believer while unveiling the enormous adventure that now awaits them.

This new title will cover the following;

– Clear steps on how to explore the boundless relationship between Christ and the believer

– Practical assistance with ways of knowing the Lord intimately

– Easy to understand explanations to reveal spiritual realities using everyday examples

– Insights not commonly taught in the modern institutional church setting

– Tools to assist with growing strong roots for ongoing spiritual growth

Initially, To the Young Believer will only be available through Google Play because they will accept a listing sale price of $0 whereas Amazon stipulates a minimum price of $0.99c.  However, we can get around that with your help as we don’t want you to pay anything!…when we say FREE, we mean FREE.

So, please be sure to read the future post that will give instructions on how you can help to get it listed for $0 on Amazon as well, if you would be so kind to help make this a reality. Thank you, in advance.

The eBook will also be available as a printable PDF and we are hoping that sometime in the future it will be available in a paperback version, too.

Stay tuned,

Derek & Donna

2 thoughts on “COMING SOON – A FREE Gift for the Body of Christ”

  1. What becomes of babies in Christ after the post alter call head count? Too few are the books that effectively reflect Father God’s thoughts towards His newborn family members. May To the Young Believer be one of those-desperately needed-rare and precious few, in Jesus’s name! Am very proud of you in Him, Donna.

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