Hi everybody,

We are happy to announce that Donna’s new eBook entitled To The Young Believer: Beginning in the Spirit is now available for download!

The book is available NOW on Amazon and also Google Books.

To get your FREE copy and download it onto your device, please go to:

Kindle version with Amazon, click here To The Young Believer: Beginning in the Spirit Kindle Edition 

Google Books on and scroll down to click on the title To The Young Believer; Beginning in the Spirit by Donna Lee Batty OR click on this link To The Young Believer and hit ‘read’.

Google Books provides a flowable eBook version with working hyperlinks plus an Original text PDF version. Although the content remains entirely the same, unfortunately, the eBook version shows some odd formatting on some pages. And whilst the PDF version does display the original formatting throughout, which is great, sadly, the hyperlinks are not active in the PDF.

If you enjoy the book and find it helpful, it would be greatly appreciated if you could write a quick review on either website to assist others who may be searching for resources for new Christians. Also, you can email Donna direct at 

Thank you so much for your interest and support.

Derek & Donna

3 thoughts on “FREE eBook OUT NOW!”

  1. Greetings to you our precious brother, and to our beloved sister Donna.
    I just ordered To the Young Believer via Amazon. I can’t wait to read it with the Lord! Also I will be sure to leave a stellar review on Amazon.

    I am so very proud of you both in Him. Much love and blessings in Christ.

    1. Hi Julio. Thats great brother, thank you so much for all of yours and Angies encouragements, feedback and suppport with Donnas ebook. We are truly blessed by you both. We love you both very much. All blessings in this wonderful Christ!

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