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We are excited to announce a new book release through The Ancient Pathways Publishing. Donna’s second book in her ‘To The Believer’ Series is entitled To The New Creation – Living Out Our New Identity.

Have you ever felt like your Christian life didn’t quite measure up? Or is what we read about in the New Testament account a far cry from your experience?

A blinding fog has crept over the threshold of the modern church. We have lost sight of our true identity in its mists, struggling to find genuine spiritual meaning, authentic inner passion and victorious living in times of trouble.

Those ancient believers in the Bible lived miraculous lives; they held an unshakable faith, a quiet confidence, and remained steadfast in their pursuit of God’s highest purpose. But these were only a few of the common characteristics demonstrated in their lives that thousands of believers seemingly lack today.

To the New Creation is a call to uncover or rediscover how those early Christians lived and what empowered them to face so many challenges–what we may have forgotten or never known.
The apostle Paul said anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. Our identity as members of the new creation is literally out of this world. Until you realise who you are now that you are in Christ Jesus, you’re never going to live out the extraordinary reality of your true identity. You may have all knowledge in the doctrine and theology of the new creation, but unless it is your daily reality, it will never change your experience in the here and now.
God knows exactly who you are, now His Life is living inside you. Jesus knows who you are as a member of His own body. The Holy Spirit knows who you are; now you are His temple. Even angels and demons know who you are, but do you?

This new title covers the following:

  • Where every authentic disciple now lives
  • The believer’s true spiritual resources for life
  • The heavenly nature of our calling
  • The unmasking of our ways and unveiling of the Holy Spirit

Benefits of reading this book:

  • Gain a fresh understanding of your identity in Christ
  • Discover how to walk in the Spirit of power
  • Learn what was delivered from Christ to the apostles
  • Grow in the intimate knowledge of Christ and His ways

Read this book slowly and prayerfully, asking the Lord to speak through its pages. You will discover, as you do, the depths of spiritual life you have longed for and that there is, in fact, more to this Christian life than you might have ever imagined!

Click here for the Amazon Australia site or here for Amazon in the US. Otherwise, please visit Amazon for your own country.

Over the coming months, you will also be able to get a copy through:

  • GoogleBooks
  • Booktopia
  • Multiple other online bookstores

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