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Hi everyone!

We are excited to announce a new book release through The Ancient Pathways Publishing. Derek’s new book entitled Wanted: Workers for the Work of God – Prepare to be Sent.

God is calling for workers to prepare for the coming harvest!

The deep cry of our hearts has always been to experience what God brought about in the early church. From the beginning, He had the perfect plan in place to accomplish His purpose. However, very early on in the picture, we veered away from His plan.

What God gave the church at its commencement has been muddled, distorted, and even forgotten today. That missing piece holds the key to seeing the church return to its roots in life, power and explosive growth.

In Wanted: Workers for the Work of God, you’ll learn His ways to get what He is after and uncover His original means for establishing His church as revealed in scripture.

This new title covers the following:

  • God’s original means for establishing His church
  • The way God prepares those He calls to work for Him
  • Restoring the fullness of Christ in the church

Benefits of reading this book:

  • Gain insight into the ways and wisdom of God
  • Learn what it takes to join God in His mission and radical call
  • Discover where your place in the current call of God

As the last page is turned, the reader is left with no doubt as to how to obtain what God is after, a revolutionary church that will turn the world upside down!

Written informatively and with touches of dry humour throughout, the author invites the reader to listen attentively to God’s present call to join Him in His work. It is only by following His ways that we can expect to see His results.

Wanted: Workers for the Work of God is available on Amazon Australia and the U.S.

You can use the below.

amazon – (Australia & U.S.A. – paperback & ebook. Kindle)

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