Seasons of Unfolding Awareness

Let us consider the four seasons we will pass through in our journey toward fulfilling God’s Purpose for our lives.


(1) You will recall that day when you bowed before Lord Jesus and acknowledged you were a sinner, needing a Savior. Your faith reached out to trust His finished work for you on Calvary. Since then it has taken much time (perhaps a life-time) to recognize all that was included in your salvation. To more fully understand all that is included in salvation will be an UNFOLDING AWARENESS.

(2) If you were properly instructed, you were told that Jesus was not only your Savior, but He would also become your Lord. Someone has described this: you are now under new management with a new boss. The discovery of what all His Lordship means in every aspect of your walk will become an UNFOLDING AWARENESS.

(3) More than 40 years ago I wrote on the back fly-leaf of my Bible: “I never knew He was all I needed until He was all I had.” I felt sure then that I knew just a bit of what that meant. Yet, I have been forced to admit since: “only the bitter realities of life could have crowded me to know Him more and more as my Source.” The Psalmist explained: “…all my springs are in Thee,” because he had discovered the bottom of his own empty well. To understand how the Lord Jesus is my all-sufficient Source will also become an UNFOLDING AWARENESS.

(4) Finally, we come to the fourth season when we uncover the great WHY of all things. What plans did God have on His great drafting board “before the foundation of the world”? Until we really understand this eternal purpose of the Father for HIMSELF, we cannot appreciate how Jesus as Savior, Lord and Source, finds its full focus in this Purpose.

– Extract from Stories that Open God’s Larger Window by Deverne Fromke


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