#003 Podcast – Conceived By Love

Have you ever wondered WHY God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whoever believed in Him would have eternal life? (John 3:16). What motivated God to have us reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ? What motivated God to include us in His purpose and plan? What motivated God to create mankind in His image?

God. Is. Love. Therefore, everything God does, everything God desires, is motivated by Love.

Before there was anything, there was just God. The Father was loving the Son, the Son was loving the Father, and all this through His Spirit. Love bursting at the seams said “Let us make man in our own image”. Out from Him we were created as the outflow of His love. We were conceived by Love itself.

God’s love is something more than what He does or how He feels toward us, LOVE is WHO GOD IS.  God loves us more than we could ever comprehend because God IS Love. (1 John 4:8, 16). ‘Out from’ Love (God) we were predestined in Christ since before creation, and ‘out from’ God flows the expression of His Son Jesus Christ, through us, the church. We were not an afterthought, or a side-thought toward God achieving His purpose. His purpose is one with us. His purpose exists and we exist together, ‘out from’ Him. God being Love, has made it so that one does not exist without the other.

Saints, we share in God’s story, His Life, His expression, His family, His love, His plan, His purpose, His intention. We live a life of purpose inside of Christ, that He be displayed as Gods manifold wisdom in all realms, to His glory. And this is how it was always meant to be.






4 thoughts on “#003 Podcast – Conceived By Love”

  1. Thanks again guys. This message was just what I needed while driving to work, making it easier to choose Love/Him over road rage. May God, Who is love, continue to reflect Himself-in Christ-through you both to all of your readers and listeners.

  2. Such joy you both are. Your reflections of Christ are amazing and a feast for the heart. No words could tell you what you mean to us. Blessings

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